Monday, July 20, 2009

365 Days of Halloween

Let the countdown begin! In between painting, schlepping boxes, and going waaaayyy too long between posts, I've decided that I will be, doing, creating,living...365 days of Halloween. I had wanted to start July 1st. HA! Very funny! The powers that be decided that moving was going to take a LOT longer than that! So. August 1st. There we go. Amen. And, no, I'm not finished unpacking as yet, but hopefully I'll have that done and my new home studio up and running by the time I crash this Sunday night, all ready to start warming me up for the big day.

So, you ask, what will you be making? Well, it's larger than a ladybug and smaller than a blue whale. Honestly, it could be anything and everything, but it will all be related to Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I still love pumpkin carving, and you can betcha that some days my Halloween creation will be just that, but Please understand that pumpkins are only a small part of what I love to do. I'm fascinated by mixed media, collage, wire, fabric, painting, pen & ink...I never met an art supply or odds & ends that I didn't covet! And the subject could be as simple as a raven or some gothic print, a bewitching ATC or a catnip ghost. Whatever media strikes my imagination that's what I'll use to embrace the Spirit of Halloween all year long.

Now, 365 days of creating artwork is going to seriously flood our home, so most of it will be available for sale the day it's created, and I'll tweet all my tweeps on Twitter the moment each one is ready. And yes, I'll still be creating pumpkin carving pattern books alongside the 365 day challenge. Look for those downloadable books around the first week of September.

And by the way, I'd love to hear your ideas or perhaps small challenges of your own for me. My goal is to create something new by noon every day. Hold me to it. Keep me accountable! Who says Halloween has to last for only one day?