Monday, May 25, 2009

New Challenge?

As an artist, it's easy to just keep doing what you know...the only problem with that is that you grow very little. Personally, I feel that I need a new "challenge" of sorts. There are a few sites that I love, not just for their incredible artwork but for their ambition (check out and So, what do you think? Should I try a 365 day challenge? I'm thinking it's time. But I would like some input from you. At first, I was thinking a pumpkin pattern a day...but I think I'd like to broaden my scope a little. How about 365 days of Halloween? Everything and anything Halloween, from ink sketches of ravens to bewitching pumpkin patterns, recipes for costume parties (gotta serve my chocolate obsession somewhere!) to monstrous little sculptures. Anything and everything that's Halloween related. Every day.

Now, I'll be moving to a new little art studio in the country soon, so let's take a little time to plan out this endeavor so I can get settled in first. I'm thinking that we should start.....July 1st? Tell me what you think. I'm listening.

Happy carving,
Lisa Berberette
The Pumpkin Lady

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Update

I know, I've dropped off the face of the Earth but I'm back and already working towards next season. Where've I been? I would love to tell you that I was creating world peace, saving starving orphans, or some other gloriously heroic tale. The truth is that we've been in our own private little world while several of our beloved pets have now crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Over the past few years, we've had three of our little herd of black and white cats develop CRF, Chronic Renal Failure. They've lived quite a bit, but sadly our days since this fall have turned to numerous vet visits, daily iv's, and bouts of no fun at all. And so, Happy and Spinner (whom I've shown before nibbling on bowls of pumpkin goo) have sadly passed on, with a third, Bobber, not too far behind in their paw prints.

For anyone who knows me well, they know that my pets are my family, and there's isn't a moment where they are not part of my artistic process. Lol even as I type this our Calico Manx, Paintball, is nestled in my lap. But time is passing, the tears are drying, and I'm back at work at my drawing board. I've just completed work for another article for Woman's Day and I'm working on lots of new patterns and, keep your fingers crossed, a whole new look for the website. So, I may have been down, but I am not out! There are lots of good things to come and lots more to share! This blog is going to take a new direction as I will not be writing just about pumpkins, but more about our lives in general. Goodness knows my life's resume reads like a side show poster from Barnum & Bailey and there's way more interesting things going on than just pumpkins! lol the show has just begun!

Happy Carving,